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yummy vegan's Journal

Below are the 9 most recent journal entries.


  2005.03.10  15.57
Jambalaya sans meat?

Does anyone have a good vegan (or even vegetarian) recipe for Jambalaya?


  2004.11.29  15.59

i love this recipe, its a great alternative to
plain steamed green beans

green beans with tomatoes from Best Ever Vegetarian cookbookCollapse )


  2004.11.29  15.44

vegan caesar salad from Best Ever Vegetarian cookbookCollapse )


  2004.10.06  08.36

i had no idea so many people had joined,
a whopping 3 more, ha

anyway heres a great minestrone soup from
the karma cookbook
it is extremely filling and i eat it alone as a meal

minestrone soupCollapse )


  2004.09.27  10.48
taken from wfm

Herbed Lentils & VegetablesCollapse )


  2004.09.09  15.02

Quinoa PilafCollapse )


  2004.09.09  07.29

Carrot and Apple Bistro SaladCollapse )


  2004.09.09  04.39

Vegetable Fried Whole-Wheat SpaghettiCollapse )


  2004.09.08  13.12

sugar free desserts from whole foods market

yumminess hereCollapse )